MegaWeather HD - Detailed Weather Forecast, Widget and Temperature on the Icon Badge.

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개발자: Paul Gibbs
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Your own personal weather station at your hands, get all the weather information what you are need, right now. Any weather forecast, local current weather from any place of world will be delivered immediately.
Your best travel companion and local weather information provider.
And all that, at the one, beautiful and functional weather application.

"Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life."


Great! *****
by 2468753577
"Its better than all the weather apps Ive downloaded! Would highly recommend it!!"

Very good! *****
by Svet_L
"Very nice app!!! Full function and visual!!! Thank u! :)"

Outstanding! *****
by Buck Fama
"Easy to navigate. Copious amount of info. Looks nice. I give MegaWeather HD a high recommendation."

Very useful *****
by vgiordano
"Great visuals. I especially like that the app gives you specific info for the amount of precipitation that is expected. I havent found any other app that does this."

Excellent Weather App *****
by wtjiii
"I use this app every day... Love the 15 day extended forecast. I have family around the world and there weather is at my finger tips!"


- Realistic 3D Earth image with view from space, you can zoom, rotate, start and stop animation
- Detailed current conditions for over 100 000 world places
- 48-hours hourly and 15-days daily charts forecast with detailed information
- Temperature on the icon badge, you can see curium temperature at Home screen
- Weather widget ( for iOS 8 ) for notification screen, with customized view
- Weather Maps, provided by
- Share your weather with friends use Twitter, FaceBook, Email
- Customized units and data format
- Screensaver mode when your device set at cradle


- Work at all iOS devices

NOTE: Locations service improved, nearest weather stations will find fast and forecast will be more accurate.
Each time user change locations we are sending request to get nearest weather station for precision weather data and weather alerts (if exists).
Large cities may have tens weather stations at different points. We are using current user location to get nearest stations for calculate precision data by triangulation algorithm.

WARNING: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.